Saturday 14 November 2009

Play time! lol

I decided to relax on settee while watching hubby play his new game on ps3 and have a play with my tablet...3 hours later lol

It's not perfect and probs wont make it to being an image i guess i just wanted to see him with a background and considering i've not had my tablet long i wanted to share it with you all :D


  1. he's great Lexi, he'd make a fabby crimbo card:)

  2. He's really cute - just amazing what you can do!

  3. He is just sooo cute. I wish I could draw :) xx

  4. he is gorgeous,you are clever ,i cant draw at all.well done
    tracey x

  5. think its time i sat n read how to use the darn thing lol too used to good old fashioned pencil n paper i guess

  6. Love it Lexi - keep up the good work - you're getting to be a dab hand on your tablet xx


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