Thursday 25 February 2010

Hello hunnies :)

This past week someone has left annon comments on my blog and the Digital Ink blog stating that we are breaching copyright. Can I please direct you to my sidebar where you will find my copyright statement covering my 'hand drawn' images

Hugs Lexi xxx


  1. Lexi.......I wish people would learn to read before accusing! It's really upsetting that all you creators, us designers and most of all Judy must suffer because of people not reading before they speak!

  2. How on earth are you breaching copyright? I can't stand it when folks leave annon messages and aren't big enough to own up to who they are... I had a strange comment too Lexi and couldn't make head or tail of it! Ignore is my advice to you hun xx

  3. Don't know hunni...last night I was down but I woke this morning deciding that hey I know where my images came head and my heart so stuff them and i will do even more images lol i have another 4 half done

    I love to draw and no-one will take that away from me

    Thanks girls..for your support

    Hugs Lexi xxx

  4. Some sad people just have nothing better to do!!!!

  5. Way too much time on their hands, maybe they should try being creative instead of destrustive!


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