Monday 22 February 2010

Treasure Hunt :D

Heyyyy! my wonderful crafting buddies :D

I decided it time to play a game..why? For a freebie yayyyy :D Fancy joining in? Pop over to 'Lexi's Doodles' to find out what to do :D

Happy hunting :D

Hugs Lexi xxx


  1. Hi Lexi, If I'm right in my guess I would'nt mind waking up with a guy in combat fatigues called scruffles, but don't tell my hubby either.
    Hugs Suzi xx

  2. nope lol i wake up to that every morning rofl

    scroll downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    its hiding between 2 pics of the love of my life :D

    look for the clue/phrase

  3. lexi: it seems alot of people have been getting that same thing. i think these people are looking to scare us.


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