Thursday 23 September 2010

Fuzzie Wuzzies and Oobalooba's...huh? lol heard right lol Fuzzie Wuzzies & Oobalooba's are the new digi images at Fairy Dust Crafts!

I was sat doodling with my eldest last night when he pipes up...'mom! it's about time you did some know...funky critters' I set to work and showed him what I'd done...'great mom I love them'...don't ya just love kids eh? lol so I carry on...scan, resize etc then I get a voice behind me ' know what would be cool? leaving them uncoloured so the child can colour it themselves when they get the card' Ahhh bless where do kids get their ideas from lol I'd have to agree I rather like the idea lol

But anyway my tales of last night aside here are the critters themselves :D

Hope you like them as much as my son does :D

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  1. i love the fuzzies, they are so wishes, patty


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